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The iphone 7 will have few new developments: rumours of the launch of the new generation

posted by Edgar Trias 29 June, 2017 0 comments
iphone 7

Since launching its first Smartphone models, Apple has accustomed us to find a lot of changes in each generation of their phones. Approximately every two years a new number of iPhone appeared in the market, and this one followed telephones with the same number and a letter (S, C or Plus, for example) that incorporated some small modification. For this reason, everything was pointing to a big change in the design and functions of the iPhone 7, but there are already many rumours that it will not be so.

Anyway, a number of rumours about the future of Apple Smartphones in general and on the iPhone 7 in particular have come to light. Do you want to predict where the shots will go? Here we go!


Double chamber

Earlier this year we heard and read from several sites that the main novelty of the iPhone 7 would be the incorporation of a double camera in the back. That is, it would have a front camera and two rear cameras. Many thought that the intention of this innovation was to be able to start making 3D photos, but soon it was said that the two cameras would have different optics, preventing this option. Apparently, they were going to act as different goals, so that the user could choose to use a camera or another depending on the image he wanted to take.

This has been one of the clearest rumours of the new model of iPhone 7, but in recent days several media have denied it. Apparently, we will have to wait for future generations of the Apple Smartphone to enjoy this option. Although, you never know! After all, many continue to announce their arrival next September

Double chamber iPhone 7


Wireless headphones

Several months ago the news was leaked that the iPhone 7 was not going to have any ports to connect the headphones, but would incorporate ones that would work via Bluetooth connection. This would be an advantage for many consumers, because it makes it much more comfortable listening to music by carrying the Smartphone in your pocket, bag or backpack. Although there are alternatives in the market that can be configured with iPhone to achieve this, it would be good if the same brand incorporated the option.

However, it seems that we will not have this novelty either. The latest information disclosed by the media assure that there will be a connection for headphones but this will not be the Jack to which we are accustomed, but a Lightning connection that will serve both to transmit the sound and to provide other functionalities. Thanks to this change, the thickness of the mobile could be reduced to a millimeter.

Wireless headphones iPhone


Start button

The removal of the physical button that currently has the iPhone, has also been much discussed since the rumours began to emerge. Many said that the iPhone 7 would no longer have a button and could be unlocked by detecting the fingerprints directly on the panel. In this way, the screen could be increased without having to increase the size of the device.

Although the last comments on the subject have denied that this change is going to arrive until, at least, within a year, we can never say never. Taking into account the change of the iPhone number (from 6 to 7) this would be one of the most indicated developments to incorporate, but we will see if we can finally enjoy it next September.


iPhone 7 without Start button


iPhone water-resistant

Manufacturers like Samsung and Sony are already marketing water-resistant Smartphones, and we were not expecting less from the next version of the iPhone. Unfortunately, everything points to that we will have to be patient: it seems that we will not yet be able to shower with the iPhone 7.


Rumours about the new design of the iPhone 7 are so superfluous that they almost lack interest. The change seems to be invalid: the white rubber lines that run through the base chassis will be removed and the grey cell phone could darken a couple of tonalities.

According to the Wall Street Journal will be in 2017 when we can see important changes in the design of the iPhone, because it will coincide with the tenth anniversary of the phone. It would be here when you would remove the start button and incorporate OLED technology, which provides much more quality to the images on the screen.


One of the most powerful and apparently more reliable rumour has to do with the ability of the iPhone 7. It is possible that the 16GB model is removed, so users will have to choose between 32GB, 64GB, 128 GB or a new option of nothing more and nothing less than 256 GB. It is becoming possible to have more memory!

In reference to the capacity, this time of line, has been spoken of the possibility that the new model incorporates a slot for double SIM card.

Storage iphone 7


Great renovations every three years

Apparently, we will not find great changes in the iPhone 7, but we hope to do so in the next Apple Smartphone model. Its tenth anniversary is plagued by omens of great innovations and the American company hopes not to disappoint its faithful followers. In fact, it has been commented in various media that it is most likely that, in order not to tempt fate in the rush, the big changes of iPhone cycle will last three years instead of two. In this way, we would receive a new delivery of iPhone number every three years and the modifications would continue to be made each.

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