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Chronicle of an advertised death: Goodbye connector jack

posted by Edgar Trias 26 June, 2017 0 comments
Adiós al conector jack

Since before the new iPhone 7 came to light, the first rumour that unleashed passions was the elimination of the headphone jack connector. And, as expected, that rumor was confirmed last September 7 in the Keynote launch of the new iPhone 7.

While is not the first smartphone without port jack connector, nor the first time Apple eliminates something “essential” suddenly (do you remember when you deleted the CD entries of your Macbook?), and happens in the middle of the Bluetooth headset boom; This change has polarized tech opinion as few before. Below we analyze the opinions of both sides:

Arguments in favor of removing the jack connector:

We start with positive vision. Most technophiles support this change mainly with the argument that the jack connector is an analog technology that has no place in this digital world. Even though it is the most common audio connector, it is more than 50 years old, and it is time to retire. The big problem, according to Apple, is that it is a very large connector, with a single purpose, that has no place to optimize the maximum available space.

Connector jack: Keynote Apple 2016













The word most used to justify change is “progress”. In its name, year after year Apple marks the way that the rest of the companies will follow. In addition, it is added here that the jack connector is very limited. For those who want a high quality sound, the Lightning port becomes a huge opportunity. In addition, today, the vast majority of audio formats are digital, so converting them to analog again on the jack connector no longer makes any sense.

In addition, Apple promotes the global trend towards a totally wireless world, emphasizing the need for headphone and accessory manufacturers to move forward and launch alternatives to the audio jack, such as Bluetooth-enabled headsets.

Why removing the jack plug is simply a nasty trick:

If every iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus comes with an adapter to jack connection and a headset with Lightning connection, it’s all sorted out, right? Well, no, not really.

To begin with, if you want to use your headphones (for example, because the EarPods are not comfortable), you will need to carry the adapter not matter why. Always. And do not lose it, because you will have to pay. EarPods Lightning are not the solution either. When operating only with devices with a Lighning port, you will not be able to use them with your personal computer (not even your Macbook). Oh, and if you lose them, pay again!

Oh, and besides, you can not charge the iPhone while listening to music … Unless you have a Bluetooth headset.


Connector jack: Bluetooth headset Stikgo

What solution do we find?

Well, do not worry. There is a solution to all your problems. The main thing, if you want the new iPhone with all the technological advances that it presents (hello, dual camera of the iPhone 7 Plus), your best option will be to buy a Bluetooth headset that you are comfortable, not to always depend on the connection Lightning. Our Stikgo Bluetooth sports headphones are ideal for this because in each pack you will find different measures to adapt perfectly to you.

Finally, if you think you really need the jack connector port to live, your best bet is to buy the iPhone 6S, but remember, it will not be high tech

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