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Are you tired of not being able to use your smartphone in the car?

More and more drivers are using the GPS system integrated in our mobile phone, and it is very dangerous for the driving that we take our eyes off the road to place us. That’s why we want to offer you the most practical, simple and best-designed smartphone car holders on the market; To make your life easier and avoid problems. Thanks to Stikgo, you will not have to worry about your safety when answering the hands-free or consulting the route that you must follow, and you can simply enjoy driving.

Universal Disk Car Holder

Nuestra pequeña estrella. Se trata de un soporte magnético universal de smartphone para coche, que te permite colocarlo discreta y cómodamente en las lamas de ventilación del salpicadero para que siempre puedas acceder a tu sistema de navegación o al manos libres de tu teléfono móvil con facilidad. Podemos colocarlo de manera vertical u horizontal, dependiendo de nuestras necesidades. El producto en sí es una pieza adhesiva que se coloca en la parte trasera del smartphone, una pinza magnética para que quede enganchado en las lamas del sistema de ventilación y un diminuto botón magnético con adhesivo 3M para cualquier superficie plana.

Our little star. It is a universal car smartphone magnetic holder, which allows you to place it discreetly and comfortably in the ventilation slats of the dashboard so that you can always access your navigation system or hands-free from your mobile phone with ease. We can place it vertically or horizontally, depending on our needs. The product itself is an adhesive piece that is placed on the back of the smartphone, a magnetic clamp to be attached to the slaps of the ventilation system and a tiny magnetic button with 3M adhesive for any flat surface.

Stikgo Disk

CarClip Car Holder

Especially designed for iPhone users. This protective and flexible case, with a specific design for each model, from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6S Plus; It will allow you to keep your smartphone in the dashboard bracket of your car to be able to access GPS services and hands-free, comfortably and easily. In addition, our cases are very resistant and have been designed with a practicality that is not at odds with style.

Carclip StikgoWe hope you enjoy safe and comfortable driving thanks to StikGo. Our objetive? Make life easier for you.

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