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Smartwatch Wars

posted by Edgar Trias 19 June, 2017 0 comments

The so-called Smartwatch Wars, Android Wear vs iOS. Two different operating systems for two different types of smartwatch and one of the fiercest struggles of the most recent years. We summarize some data of the current situation and the state of the battles.

The smartwatch is a key chapter in the history of technology at the user level. A smart device with the size of a clock that is installed in the wrist achieving an endless possibilities of motorization of our body, activity and configurable performances and, in addition, synchronizable with our smartphone. Sparkly.

In September 2013, Samsung announced its custom device under the name of Gear and just a year later, Apple introduced the AppleWatch, creating the first discord between users of Android Wear and iOS.


Apple Watch

smartwatch apple watch

During 2015 Apple Watch led to sales with a ratio of more than 70% of the market share. The miracle smartwatch had countless features totally adapted to the user, along with a hypnotic navigation. It emphasizes the fluidity of use of its applications and complements, in comparison with the rest of the smartwatch available. Apple Quality in Full Action.

Despite that, the dream lasted a short time, when it came to light that AppleWatch sales had plummeted, more than 55%. In response, Apple decided to lower the price of the devices (previously most brushed prices close to 1.000€) in addition to adding a wide range of complements, basically belts. These complied with new functionalities, such as detecting if you were about to suffer a stroke.

This re-adaptation has cushioned the fall a little to the point that Apple has been one of the few telecommunications companies that has dared to take out a new model, AppleWatch 2. But, opening new fronts with the special sports edition of Nike, Adapting itself to the requests of the consumers and moving away of the luxury in which it wanted to position itself in its first edition with Hermès.

Samsung & company

smartwatch samsung gear

Samsung, on the other hand, which is usually the best alternative to Apple in the user’s mind, occupies a much lower market share, 7%. However, recently their sales have soared more than 50% and with good reason. The smartwatch Gear is not only more affordable, but also has a greater variety of features. In addition, your Android Wear system can work with multiple devices of different brands, unlike Apple Watch, which only works with iPhone.

That said, while Apple Watch sales were falling, those of other brands such as LG increased by 26% and Lenovo by up to 75%. However, after the departure of the new model of Apple, other giants like Huawei have opted for not presenting anything new to the smartwatch. A sign of wise caution in a field that is developing by leaps and bounds and becoming reserved only to “elders”. Such silence on the part of the competition has been reflected in conferences of leaders opinion like Google, who lately is not even mentioning advances in Android Wear.

Smartwatch competition verdict

It is clear that the versatility of Android is a big point in favor of less giant brands than Apple, turning their systems into the “standard” navigation model for smartwatch while the Apple is still reserved at high levels, true to the strategies that has always frequented.

Currently Apple has been able to adapt the Android Wear model to an AppleWatch, although the performances are still very limited and the connections with iPhone remain in a phase that could be labeled Beta. Who knows? They may do so deliberately for Apple users to “see” how “bad” is the Android base so they never stop using Apple. Or it could be that Apple’s software power really is from another galaxy, still difficult to reach by the rest of the deadly marks.

After all, who decides, who has the power to decide whether it is a smartwatch or simply a decent product is none other than the navigator, the most critical of critics, the same user.

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