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tipos de tablets

Have you been with your laptop for several years now and you have decided that it is time to invest in another device? If you are taking a look to the market for tablets, it is very common to feel insecure when choosing among all the options available. What we have to be clear is the use we are going to give the device before choosing one or the other.

To clarify the possible doubts, in this post we explain the differences between the notebooks / Windows’tablet, Android tablets and Apple iPad:

Notebook / Tablets for Windows 10













The great advantage of buy a tablet with the Windows 10 operating system, is that we will be able to have the classic desktop applications, that would have in any other computer. For many people, having Microsoft Office is an added convenience and in certain cases, it is the definitive determinant to choose this operating system. To this we add that many tablets of Windows have removable keyboard, which makes it useful if at certain times we need to write extensively, providing more comfort, since having to write long documents on a touch screen can be tiresome. We can also find “hybrids”, meaning, laptops that are converted into tablets and vice versa.

As a negative point, if you are a user who cares about the integration between devices, you will like to know that today the smartphones windows 10 are not up to the height of Android smartphones or iPhones and this forces you to use different operating system between Your tablet and your smartphone with the loss of integration that this entails.

In short, if you need a tablet with which to get high productivity with classic tools and work comfortably, we recommend a Windows 10 tablet such as Surface Pro 4 or Samung TabPro S.

Tablets Android














Despite the negative opinions that Android has received over the years due to the operation of its tablets, this operating system, which was originally launched exclusively for its mobile phones, has been able to adapt to the demands of the market by offering a much more effective experience than the one it offered at the beginning. With Android you will have a large number of applications, the same as on your smartphone. In some cases these applications are adapted for tablet but in other cases not and this penalizes the experience of using the app.

On the other hand, the important factor that characterizes to Android, is the possibility of the personalization of the system to the taste of the user, something that Apple does in a much more limited way, since the user can personalize very little the appearance and the functionality of the device.

In short, if you like Google services, you can customize your device to your liking and use a variety of applications, Android is your choice.


iPad Apple














For iPhone users, it is interesting to buy an iPad to be able to synchronize both devices and manage content regardless of where we are. Yes, you can do the same with Android, but depending on the opinions of users, Apple’s operating system is much more intuitive and less complicated than its main competitor.

In addition, the battery of these devices are characterized by their long duration, a plus point if we have to be the whole day away from home or office and we do not have a place to charge it.

The difference of applications between the system iOS of Apple and the one of Android, is that the ones of iOS are adapted exclusively for the screen of iPad, whereas, as we discussed in the previous section, the majority of the applications of Android remain For mobile phones.

As for productivity, we must say that iPad and Android tablets are based on smartphone operating systems so in many cases the classic desktop applications will not be available and instead we find, in some cases, their versions Adapted for use in tablet, such as Microsoft Office or some of the best-known applications of the Adobe design suite.

While it is true that the price of iPads is quite high, the quality of manufacturing, software (apps) and design of the device is very high and is one step ahead of its competitors.


In short, although it is true that some tablets may be better than others in some respects, it would not be correct to say that one tablet type is better than another, everything will depend on the use that will be given and the preferences of the user as to price, design, operating system, etc.

We hope to have clarified your possible doubts.

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