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18 Smartphone applications for good drivers

posted by Edgar Trias 27 February, 2017 0 comments
aplicacion conduccion stikgo

Driving with the mobile phone in your hand, whether to make a call, to make an inquiry or even to send a message, is not only illegal but a reckless behavior. With the phone in hand we are much less likely to react in time to any unforeseen. For these reasons our support for car carclip is so useful for drivers.

But once your hands are behind the wheel and your mobile with our carclip on the dashboard, there are many smartphhone applications that can give great utility to your device.

If what you are looking for is a good navegator:

Google Maps:

Surely we all know one of the most used navegators these days, but that’s not going to be left out of our list. With Google Maps you will have a GPS navigator with traffic information, real-time notifications, estimated arrival time according to traffic and alternative routes.

aplicaciones conducción stikgo


We could consider that this app is the social network of drivers par excellence. This browser is nourished by the information published by the users themselves. In Waze you will find alerts of accidents, road hazards, traffic jams, information about cheap petrol stations en route, police controls …


With the official application of the Management of Traffic you will be able to save routes, inform you of the incidences of the highway, access to traffic cameras and location of radars, among other options.

aplicaciones conduccion stikgo

Smartphone applications for good driving:


It is the application of good drivers. With DriveSmart we just have to focus on driving and she is in charge of analyzing our trip and our driving. Performing a good driving will win smartcoins increasing in this way our good reputation as a driver and that will be equivalent to discounts. It also gives us advice to improve our driving skills.


This application is used to know your driving habits. Once you finish the journey you will know your consumption, your speed incidents, your delicacy in front of the steering wheel and other aspects of your agility as a driver. In addition, Drivies has agreements with some insurance companies that will help you save on your insurance.

Aplicaciones conduccion Stikgo

Axa Drive:

Following the same line, the company Axa has its own application that measures driving and also issues personalized advice.

Applications to control fuel consumption:

Gasolineras de España:

With this application you can check service stations near your location and classify them by price or distance. Likewise by means of a map you will be able to locate the gas stations and prices of a specific area by colors. It includes a list with the price per type of fuel of each gas station.


In order to use this application it is necessary that previously, we register on its website. Sprintmonitor is an excellent app to control the consumption of our vehicle being able to edit consumption data, costs and manage reminders. It even has the possibility of offline use with later synchronization of data.

If you need to know where your car is located:


Aplicacion conduccion stikgo

How many times have you forgotten where you parked? Parkify is an excellent application not to lose your car. Without the need to do anything on our part, this app detects where you’ve parked and memorizes it. But not only does that, it can also tell you if some other Parkify user just left a free space near your location in case you want to park there.

Find My Car:

This is one of the most popular applications to control where you have parked the car. Through GPS will fix your exact position on the map and to search for the car again we will have to follow the indications of Google Maps. If you prefer you can take a photo and save it along with the location.

Wazy Park:

This application differs from the other two by being a little more social. With Wazy Park you can find, book and advertise free sites in real time. You can even earn money if before leaving a free space, you decide to wait for other drivers to park in the same place.

Applications that help you manage your paid parking:


With this application you can pay the blue zone of more than 50 cities of Spain with your mobile. Using Parking, you forget the coins and pay for the fair parking time, stopping the payment counter once you remove the car. In addition, with this application, you will avoid having to search for parking as it allows you to reserve your parking space and guides you there.


Aplicación conducir stikgo

This application is similar to the previous one, with the peculiarity that EasyPark has a version for companies with the possibility of issuing a single invoice and a single account for all workers.


With E-Park you can also pay the blue zone from your mobile, without coins or papers. You can cancel complains from the same application and besides, it has a more social version: you have the possibility of parking for free in case another user has offered your ticket and you also have the possibility of transferring your ticket to another user.

Specific applications not to release hands from the steering wheel:


The most important thing is to be in the case of driving with your hands behind the wheel and forget to mess around with your mobile. Mutting is clear and therefore wants you to have a driving without distractions. Automatically, and once configured, this application will be responsible for notifying that you are driving and that is why you can not answer messages or calls.

Chatty Car:

aplicacion conduccion stikgo

If you do not want to be so radical, you do not want to be totally disconnected or there are important things to attend to, you just have to leave your cell phone in the carclip car holder connected to the bluetooth or handsfree of your car and Chatty Car will allow you to listen in Loud voice and instantly whatsapp messages from your contacts.


Maybe with Spotify it is difficult not let go of your hands of the wheel to get to dance, but equally it is a very good alternative to take your music anywhere. Little can be said that you do not know about this application: it can be free or premium and with the possibility of downloading the music you save consuming data.

An application that we hope you never need to use:

Declaración IDEA:

Even being a good driver and putting all the attention on the road, it may be the case that you have an accident. In this case, you will not need a pen to fill in the part of the accident with this application.  With Idea Statement you send your version of the accident through the mobile and the application will send a code to the other driver so you can check your version.

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