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posted by Edgar Trias 24 February, 2017 0 comments
Imanes en smartphone

One doubt that many of you usually have when you buy one of our Carclip cases or Disk, that are magnetic supports for smartphone, is if the magnet will affect your telephone. This doubt is so recurrent because there were previously many electronic devices that, when they were brought near a magnet, were damaged, or stopped working correctly. However, current small magnets do NOT affect smartphones.

Warning: we are talking about magnets that we usually find in cases like the Carclip of Stikgo or other covers to close the lid, in no case we speak of strong industrial magnets that could damage the components of your smartphone. These harmful magnets could be for example those of a magnetic resonance scanner, but not at all those included in the cases or accessories for the smartphone.

Magnets in smartphone cases

Funda iphone con imán






Many smartphone cases have a magnet that keeps the lid closed. Other smartphone cases have a magnet on the back (like our Carclip) to attach it to a car holder or desk. That way you can use them without having to hold them with your hands. Neither the magnets used to close the lid of the smartphone will be harmful to our device nor the ones we use for our cases with Carclip magnetic holder, since they have been analyzed in the millimeter and tested in all kinds of circumstances to avoid any damage in the components of the devices.

Magnets in phone accessories


Some smartphone accessories have magnets. Usually, these types of accessories are labeled as “made for smartphone”, so they will be safe to use with any device. However, we must be careful since some users have detected small problems with optical image stabilization, as could be with the lenses that we can attach to the smartphone with a magnet, although it is temporary problems.

In short, you do not have to worry about anything. Our smartphone accessories are completely safe to use with any device and should not give any type of malfunction.

smartphone con imanes

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