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Mobile apps: 9 safety suggestions for your mobile

posted by Edgar Trias 14 February, 2017 0 comments

Our mobile is no longer just a device to make calls or send messages. In it we store images, personal information; we have access to our e-mail, social profiles, banking data, summarizing, a lot of information very precious for some people. But, do we take all necessary measures to protect all this data?

In the same way that we do not give the passwords of our mail or our personal data to anyone, we should be careful that nobody can access to the information that we keep in our smartphone.

Today from Stikgo we will explain a few safety recommendations for your mobile devices. Many of them are common sense but although it seems incredible there are still people who as of today do not carry them out.

9 safety suggestions for your mobile

1. Screen blocked by a code: It seems obvious but many people are still going around the world without an unlock code on the mobile. It is important that to maintain our total privacy nobody can access our device freely, for that it is imperative to put a code or fingerprint to access it. It is also important to make sure that it locks automatically within a few seconds of not using it.

2. Security software: It is crucial to download applications only in official stores to prevent the entry of “malware”, although it is certain that in some cases some of them have even been found on official sites. These “malware” can also gain access to our device through an application already installed such as WhatsApp. They are usually introduced through a simple chat with a link to a very tempting offer and in which it is easy to fall. Clicking installs the malware that can cause damage to our smartphone or access personal information and even banking. These actions often take advantage of vulnerabilities of older versions of the applications, so it is important to keep them up to date.


smartphone-security-stikgo3. Update operating system: We know that it is a little tiresome to have to update our device often but it is an essential fact if we want to save many problems. These updates are nothing more than improvements to avoid gaps in the system. So it is very important to give the update button every time our smartphone asks us to. Without going any further, a few weeks ago Apple released an update of the operating system for the Iphone, which did not include novelties, but its objective was to correct security errors. The cause of this update was a “malware” that could block the contacts of the phone, the clock or memory among others.

4. Encrypt device: If there are still many people who do not have a password on their mobile phone, imagine the number of people who do not encrypt it. But what does this mean exactly? Encryption is a security system much more powerful than a password, if someone takes our mobile and could access some data, these would be unreadable because they would be encrypted. In this way our data and passwords are safe from intruders.

Currently the latest smartphone operating systems encrypt the data automatically.

If you have an Iphone, the process of encryption is done automatically; you just have to activate the access code to the phone or the touch ID. If you want to do the check, look in Settings> Touch ID and code, if the encryption is active the following message will appear at the bottom of the screen: Data protection is activated. This option is only available from IOS 8. The procedure is very similar in Android, it is available from Android 6.0 Marshmallow. To activate it is necessary to go to Settings> Security and activate a pin, a password, a fingerprint or a pattern.


mobile-updates-stikgo5. Wi-Fi connection unknown: Let’s travel abroad, we land at our destination, and what do most of us do? Connect to the airport wifi to warn our relatives that we have arrived safely. But have we ever thought that this is a network with public access and not secure? We are not aware that we are putting at risk the information we have on the mobile, such as personal data, photos … Someone could be accessing all the information we have on the mobile. If we access our mail or some social profile from insecure networks it is imperative to modify the passwords as soon as possible.

 6. Lock the SIM card: With so much digitalization it seems that the SIM card is from prehistory, but nothing further from the reality, because without it, we could not make phone calls from our device or use the mobile data. If we protect the card with a PIN, every time we restart the device we will have to type the PIN. It is important not to forget it because you only have 3 attempts to unlock.



7. APP to locate and delete the content from a distance: If you have an Iphone it is imperative to have the Search my Iphone service activated. If we get the device stolen or lost we can connect to and know where it is, also gives us the option to delete all the content of the device remotely.

The same thing you can do if you have an Android device, through the device manager the factory settings are reset and all the stored data is removed, uninstalling the applications and the data that they contain.

8. GPS Usage Continuously: Sometimes we are not aware that some applications are accessing our position without being necessary. This access reveals information of our daily habits, being able to know where we work or live. Activate the location only when you are using the application and place you mobile in with your Carclip.

9. Enter the IMEI number: The International Mobile Equipment Identity is a unique identifier for each mobile; it is like the ID of the mobile. This 5 digit number is used in cases of theft (to be able to lock it and so no one can use it) or to release the device. This number is usually found under the phone’s battery, but you can also know which one is dialing * # 06 # If you do not have the device in your hands you can find the IMEI in the box or in the invoice.

From now on you have no excuse for not having the data stored on your smartphone well protected.

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