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In summer, especially in holidays, return again the same questions. What to pack, how to organize the trip, which vaccines are needed … And how will I communicate with my peers?

We all have once been in a similar situation. Traveling around some unknown country, the distracted guy of the group has entranced and do not know where is he. Is he looking the exotic fruits in the market? Maybe stroking a lost puppy? Did he distract while making the umpteenth photo of the far temple? And it’s at that moment that you will play heads or tails to who comes the stroke of the telephone company to call that friend for just a measly minute. And, if he does not answer (a part from killing him), all should go back to the hotel to meet him again. Saying goodbye to the planned jungle tour.

ChatSim: unlimited messages

ChatSim is presented as the perfect solution for this problem. It is a SIM card that, for only 10 euros per year, offers unlimited data for unrestricted text chat from most countries in the world. Moreover it lets you to expand that data pack with credits in order to send also multimedia files, such as photos or videos.

It works with iOS, Android or Windows, and you can send messages from WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE, among others. In addition, it is able to work with any smartphone since it has MicroSIM models, Nanosim and conventional SIM.

smartphone cases


In the past it has been harshly criticized because it is difficult to discern what comes from data traffic Chat applications or other; and many applications run in the background updating without us being aware. That caused that users inadvertently exceeded their limit provoking the block of the account. But now you should not worry about it because they have enabled a software called ChatSim World that blocks the data using the apps that are not messaging, so the unique drawback has gone!

Chico usando el smartphone en la selva

Prices and rates


You must purchase the SIM card that costs 10€ and pay 10€ more to have unlimited data for one year; plus the shipping, and also optionally purchase credits for multimedia files.

To sum up, if what you need is a SIM card that allows you to travel around the world without losing touch with your mates and family at any time, ChatSIM is the solution. What’s more, remember that if you buy only the annual data package of 10€; when you’re using the hotel Wi-Fi you can send any multimedia file that you want, so the price is really worth. ChatSIM works for a small price: 10€ a year, divided by 365 days, that is to say 0.03€ per day. Traveller, what are you waiting for?

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